Classroom Online

is an asynchronous online format that offers flexible scheduling and participation.

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Classroom Live

is an integrated, web-based virtual environment that allows students to interact in real-time with their instructors and classmates in the classroom from their homes, at their workplaces, or while travelling.

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Conference Workshop

Every year we organize a series of conferences in the petrochemical and plastics sector. The workshop will be held in conjunction with the conference and is designed for beginners and professionals at every level of experience and expertise.

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Corporate In-house training

Our customised In-House training programmes are created to address the technical training requirements of companies in the plastic processing and composites sectors. Our courses help to develop highly-skilled manpower and to upskill existing personnel.

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Customised Courses

At the Polymerupdate Academy, our highly renowned teaching faculty, offers training courses which will help in employee skill development, a much needed requisite in current times. We believe that investing in effective training to equip your employees with market and process knowledge, is the key to greater efficiency and achievement, not just for your business, but for the industry as a whole.

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About US

The Polymerupdate Academy provides pre-scheduled corporate training courses to assist businesses with their specific knowledge requirements. The various courses provided at the academy, address the critical, technical and managerial needs for companies that operate in both the public and private sectors.

These courses are carefully designed to help professionals upskill and to better tackle their everyday challenges with greater confidence and expertise.

In addition to the pre-scheduled courses, the Academy also designs special custom-made courses to meet the client's individual requirements. The Academy faculty can customize the syllabus of courses and tailor them to meet each client's unique organizational needs, offering opportunities for the existing staff members to upskill in a world which is becoming increasingly cut throat and competitive.


Prof. (Dr.) D. D. Kale
B. Tech., M. Chem. Engg., Ph. D.,
Polymerupdate Academy


Mr. Sajjid Mitha
Founder & CEO,
Polymerupdate, Polymerupdate Academy,
Polymer Exchange, RACE Conferences