Casey J. Grenier

Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry from University of New Hampshire
B.S. Chemistry and B.S. Forensic Science University of New Haven

Senior Material Scientist: Tekscan, INC South Boston, MA June 2017 to Present
Professor Seitz’s Research Group - Research Associate: University of New Hampshire Durham, NH Fall 2016 to Spring 2017
Graduate Researcher: University of New Hampshire Durham, NH Fall 2011 to Fall 2016
Visiting Scientist and NSF/MOST Fellow: National Taiwan University Taipei, Taiwan June to August 2016
Visiting Scientist and NSF/JSPS Fellow: Keio University: Yagami Campus, Yokohama, Japan, June to August 2015
Dr. Heather Miller Coyle Research Group: Undergraduate Researcher: University of New Haven West Haven, CT Fall 2010 to Spring 2011

1) Characterization Techniques: FTIR, NMR, Uv-Vis, DLS, TGA, DSC, SEM, solution rheology, and equilibrium dialysis, mechanical properties testing: temperature, humidity, and viscosity, flash chromatography, thin layer chromatography, elemental analysis, electrochemistry (cyclic voltammetry)
2) Controlled Polymerization Techniques: RAFT and ATRP, Schlenk Line Techniques: counter flow additions, cannula transfers, vacuum distillation, vacuum filtration, freeze-pump-thaw, and lyophilization
3) Material Science Experience: Ink and resin formulation, conductive fillers, resistive fillers, milling, crosshatch testing, assay development, sputter coating, polymer film coatings and characterization, organic dye synthesis, fluorescence response readout, process development, thermal phase transition, fluorophore synthesis, nanoparticle synthesis, metal cleaning, plating, etching, inkjet printing chemical sensors, Dimatix printing, 2-D fabrication, 3-D printing, surface chemistry, surface arrangements and thermal transition effects, SOP and DOE

Molecularly Imprinted Copolymer Compounds and Methods of Preparation and Use Thereof. United States 62/350,001. Provisional. Filed June 14, 2016. Casey Grenier and W. Rudi Seitz. The invention relates, in part, to molecularly imprinted copolymer compounds, their preparation, and their use in methods such as separation and detection.

1) Adjunct Professor: Northeastern University Boston, MA Summer 2018 to Present
2) Online Course Developer
3) Subject Matter Expert/Consultant Professor: MCPHS University Online Winter 2020 to Present
4) Tufts University Online: Teaching general chemistry for engineers
5) Adjunct Professor: Southern New Hampshire University Online Spring 2019 to Summer 2021
6) Adjunct Professor: University of New England Online Spring 2018 to Spring 2020
7) Subject Matter Expert/Consultant Professor
8) Adjunct Professor: Wentworth Institute of Technology Boston, MA Fall 2017 to Fall 2018
9) Adjunct Faculty University of New Hampshire Durham, NH Spring 2017
10) Chemistry Teaching Assistant University of New Hampshire Durham, NH Fall 2011 to Winter 2016:
11) General Chemistry Teaching Assistant: University of New Haven West Haven, CT Fall 2010 to Spring 2011

1) SEMI-FlexTech Alliance Grant: Sensorized Glove: Awarded December 2019
2) NIH and JSPS Short Term Fellowship Award: Awarded May 2017
3) NSF and South Korea NRF: EAPSI Fellowship: Awarded March 2017
4) Nation Science Foundation’s I-Corps Fellowship: December 2016 to July 2017
5) Pratt-Diniak Fellowship: Excellence in Teaching and Graduate Work: Spring 2016
6) NSF and Taiwan’s MOST: EAPSI Fellowship: May 2016 to April 2017
7) NESACS-GDCh Representative at Frühjahrssymposium: University of Kiel 2016
8) NSF and JSPS: EAPSI Fellowship: May 2015 to April 2016
9) Excellence in Graduate Research: UNH Chemistry Department 2014/2015
10) University of New Haven Dean’s List: Fall 2010 and Spring 2011