Dr. Mamta Mainak Saiyad

Dr Mamta is currently working as Associate Professor at Chemical Engineering Department, Nirma University.
She has obtained her PhD in Technology on Radiation Hardened Polymer Composites . She is devoted to teaching with a distinguished career of over 25 years comprising teaching, research and administration. In Addition, she possesses more than 7 years of Industrial experience. She has published a book on Polymer Flocculants with international publishers and has also published and presented several Research and Management papers with peer-reviewed journals. She has one Indian Patent published in her credit. She also serves as a reviewer in various Indian and International Journals.
Dr Mamta was awarded for Academic excellence with Best Polytechnic Teacher Award in 2008 by ISTE. She has received PLASTICON Award for Developing “Radiation hardened polymer composite” in the Category of Innovative use of Polymer in Defense and Aerospace - by PlastIndia Organisation in 2018.
She presented her idea at NASA on “Radiation Hardened Nuclear Coat for Astronauts” in October 2019.
Her areas of interest are Polymer Microstructure analysis, Awareness of Plastics in Society and Students Mentoring.