Customised Courses

During these uncertain times, a miscalculated decision could cause damage to your organisation, its reputation and its profits. Quick access to credible and in-depth industry knowledge is key to help manoeuvre your company through the labyrinth of challenges it may face on account of the many surprises due to the pandemic.

At the Polymerupdate Academy, our highly renowned teaching faculty, offers training courses which will help in employee skill development, a much needed requisite in current times. We believe that investing in effective training to equip your employees with market and process knowledge, is the key to greater efficiency and achievement, not just for your business, but for the industry as a whole.

The course material offered by the Polymerupdate Academy can be tailor-made to achieve your corporate targets, by our in-house faculty of professors with over 30 years of teaching experience. Our objective is to provide operative professional training that is designed to suit your business’s processes and/or products. We can train your new employees even if they have no prior knowledge of the industry. We can even help refresh the knowledge of your existing personnel. The courses are economical and value driven. Tailor-made courses will build a module that suits your company’s needs best! Feel free to reach out to us with your requirements and we will craft a bespoke training course exclusively designed for you!

The training courses can be held virtual (online), at your office/plant location or at the Polymerupdate Mumbai head office conference room (capacity to accommodate 8 trainees).

Courses Offered In The Following Sectors:






Why Customise?

  • Address an organization's definite business challenges.
  • Fully customisable based on relevance and expertise/requirements of the audience.
  • Elements of several pre-existing courses can be pooled into a bespoke course.
  • Conducted either in a classroom format or through a virtual platform or in a blended format.
  • Flexibility in timings.

Range of Topics:

Petrochemical processes, Polymer Materials (Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, Polyesters, Nylons, etc.), Polymer processing, Recycling, Testing, Rheology, Additives, etc.


All phases of this programme are precisely designed to cater to your needs, including pace, schedule and professional objectives.

Courses Currently Available