Dr. Soma Banerjee

Dr Banerjee is currently working at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, as a Women Scientist Fellow of the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India on the research topic “Development of the Self-healing Polymer Electrolyte Membrane for Low-Temperature Fuel Cells”. Dr Banerjee obtained her PhD in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane for Fuel cell Devices in the year 2016 and has more than 4 years of Post-Doctoral Experience in the relevant field.
Dr Banerjee has published 14 Research Articles in peer reviewed International Journals and 28 Book Chapters in reputed publisher’s books, and one Indian Patent on her credit. She has presented 7 papers at the National and International Conferences. Dr Banerjee also serves as a reviewer of the High-Performance Polymers, SAGE publishers.
Area of Expertise: Polymer electrolyte membranes for low-temperature fuel cells, Polymer Composite and Nanocomposites, Nanomaterials, Bipolar plates for fuel cells, Wastewater treatment, Energy devices
Expertise in Advanced Characterization Techniques:
  • DSC, TGA, XRD, FESEM, TEM, AFM, NMR, FTIR, Impedance, MFI, UTM, Impact tester, etc.

  • Awards and Recognition:
  • Gold Medalist, University of Calcutta
  • INSPIRE Fellow, DST, Govt. of India
  • Women Scientist Fellow, DST, Govt. of India
  • Poster Award, Indian Carbon Society

  • Selected Publications:
  • Banerjee, et al., Applied Surface Science, 2018, 439, 560–568, I.F. 6.707
  • Banerjee et al., Polymer, 2017, 109, 176-186, I.F. 4.43
  • Banerjee et al., Journal of Environmental & Chemical Engineering, 2016, 4, 299–310, I.F. 5.909
  • Banerjee et al., Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2016, 133, 42952 (1), I.F. 3.125